The Landmark Top view

Quality of Place

At The Landmark at Kierland, golf balls are a unique hazard…

because there are only very few luxury condo units in Phoenix and Scottsdale built directly on a golf course.

And many of them are here at The Landmark, right next to the Westin Kierland Resort.

We called it Operation Refresh.

After 13 years (10 for Tower II), The Landmark at Kierland needed some work. Cosmetic, not structural. Paint inside and out. Carpet, flooring and some lighting in the common areas — corridors, elevator lobbies, conference room, veranda, main entry and front desk areas.


Pokey and Bossy are condo dogs — Landmarkkierland condo dogs. They’re Shih Tzus. And super-cute. Shih Tzus, in case you’re interested, originated in China and/or Tibet (it’s not certain which). The breed is also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, apparently because they look a bit like puffy flowers with legs. They grow to about 10 inches tall and roughly 16 pounds, and live 16 years, more or less.

Times change. Everywhere we look these days in the Kierland area, there’s a new high-rise residential development of one kind or another — some of them huge. We have to wonder what this neighborhood is going to look like in ten years…